10 Lines on My Best Friend

10 Lines on My Best Friend

No:1. Everyone has friends and some best friends in their life. 10 Lines on My Best Friend

No:2. We all have a special person that is called the best friend in our life who is as important as our family, or sometimes this bond is so strong enough that their place is above our family.

No:3. Friendship is the best bonding relation between two persons, no matter with gender.

No:4. They can either be of the same gender or opposite gender.

No:5. A best friend is one of those special people to whom we can share our feelings, secrets, problems, etc.

10 Lines on My Best Friend

No:1. Having a best friend in life is a precious gift from God.

No:2. In this selfish world, it is hard to have loyal friends.

No:3. Likewise, my friend list is not so long.

No:4. Among them all, Shravan is my best friend.

No:5. We have been together since childhood.

No:6. We are neighbors and schoolmates.

No:7. He is an ideal and honest person to me.

No:8. We share our secrets and everything with each other.

No:9. We believe each other and our friendship is very trustworthy.

No:10. I treasure our friendship till life.

My Best Friend Essay 10 lines

No:1. I have many friends in life, but if any best friend comes, it has only one name Surbhi .

No:2. Surbhi and I became friends since childhood when we were in our early school days.

No:3. We met as strangers in our class, and our first meeting began with a fight for the front seat in the class.

No:4. He is very kind, smart, and also very stubborn since childhood.

No:5. We became friends again, and as time passed, the bond of our friendship got stronger.

No:6. He is good at studies and is also a very active player.

No:7. We always sit together in our class and always help each other in every situation.

No:8. Sometimes, our friendly behavior is difficult to handle by the teaching staff of our school.

No:9. Our friendship is not limited to schools only but we are very kind in front of both our parents.

No:10. We always remember and celebrate each other’s birthday with full joy and promise to be together for life.

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