7 Types of Food

7 Types of Food

No:1. Food is the basic need for all living beings who exist on earth. 7 Types of Food

No:2. Food is a substance or thing used to eat or drink by living things, which has been a great source of energy and nutrition that a body requires to perform any work.

No:3. Food is obtained from animals or majorly from plants origin.

What are the different types of food?

All the food that is used for eating purposes are of such types,

No:1. Vegetables

No:2. Fruits

No:3. Cereals

No:4. Tubers

No:5. Legumes, seeds, nuts

No:6. Dairy foods

No:7. Meat, Fish, and Eggs


No:1. Vegetables are considered the primary source of vitamins and minerals obtained from soil that is directly provided to the human being by consuming vegetables daily.

No:2. Vegetables and fruits are nothing but different parts of plants that are used to consume.

No:3. It is different types of vegetables based on the parts of plants, such as root vegetables, bulb vegetables, stem, leafy vegetables, and podded vegetables.

No:4. Some are fruit vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, they are fruits but consumed as vegetables.

List of Vegetables

No:1. Eggplant

No:2. Funnel

No:3. Coriander

No:4. Knol kohl

No:5. Brussels sprout

No:6. Mint

No:7. Lettuce

No:8. Bellpepper

No:9. Bitter gourd

No:10. Radish

No:11. Garlic

No:12. Cabbage

No:13. Cauliflower

No:14. Leek

No:15. Asparagus

No:16. Bok Choy

No:17. Kohlrabi

No:18. Parsnip

No:19. Artichoke

No:20. Swiss chard

No:21. Mushroom

No:22. Ash gourd

No:23. Olive

No:24. Horseradish

No:25. Orka (Lady’s finger)

No:26. Chilly

No:27. Celery

No:28. Tomato

No:29. Moringa

No:30. Spinach

No:31. Zucchini

No:32. Turnip


No:1. Fruits and vegetables are nutrient-rich eatables. They are healthy and delicious to eat.

No:2. It contains many vitamins minerals, provides energy in our body with low calories, and is rich in sugar and fibers.

No:3. Fruits are subcategorized by their growing nature, such as tropical, citrus, drupes (with single hard stone), berries, pomes, and pepos.

List of Fruits

No:1. Mango

No:2. Apple

No:3. Apricot

No:4. Banana

No:5. Blackberry

No:6. Cyannococus

No:7. Coconut

No:8. Custard apple

No:9. Dates

No:10. Fig

No:11. Gooseberry

No:12. Grape

No:13. Guava

No:14. Lemon

No:15. Lychee

No:16. Mulberry

No:17. Musk melon

No:18. Orange

No:19. Papaya

No:20. Pear

No:21. Pineapple

No:22. Pomegranate

No:23. Naseberry

No:24. Water-chestnut

No:25. Watermelon

No:26. Wood apple

No:27. Sugarcane


No:1. Cereals, also called grains, are the most consumed food by human beings.

No:2. It is rich in carbohydrates, is an energy source for the body.

No:3. Cereals are the seeds produced by several types of grass-like rice, wheat, maize.

No:4. It can be eaten by boiling or by making flour.

List of Cereals

No:1. Wheat

No:2. Rice

No:3. Barley

No:4. Sorghum

No:5. Pearl millet

No:6. Finger millet

No:7. Maize

No:8. Oats


No:1. Tubers are underground stem food.

No:2. It contains most of the plant’s nutrients and starch, and low protein.

No:3. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, radish, beets, etc., are called tubers.

List of Tubers

No:1. Potatoes

No:2. Sweet potatoes

No:3. Carrots

No:4. Radish

No:5. Beetroots

No:6. Cassava

No:7. Onion

No:8. Yam

No:9. Daffodil

No:10. Lily

No:11. Ginger

No:12. Crocus

No:13. Gladiolus

No:14. Potato

No:15. Caladium

No:16. Dahlia

No:17. Iris

No:18. Canna

Legumes, seeds, nuts

No:1. Legumes, seeds, and nuts are such food grain, seeds grown agricultural for livestock, and their structures are symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria called root nodules.

No:2. They contain the same proportion of nutrients as other foods have also held a good amount of proteins and iron.

No:3. Lentils, peas, green beans, soya beans, chickpeas, peanuts are legumes.

No:4. Some are alfalfa, tamarind, lupins, clover, carob, mesquite, etc.

No:5. Nuts like walnuts, almonds, pistachios, pine nuts, dates, chestnuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, or sunflower seeds are protein-rich foods along it contains more fats to be consumed.

No:6. That is why it is recommended to consume moderately.

List of Legumes

No:1. Split pea

No:2. Roman bean

No:3. Red bean

No:4. Chickpea

No:5. Green pea

No:6. Mixed bean

No:7. Pink Pea

No:8. Split mung

No:9. Mung bean

No:10. Black bean

No:11. Kidney bean

No:12. Soya bean

No:13. Lema bean

No:14. Black-eyed pea

No:15. Red lentils bean

No:16. Cranberry

No:17. Navy bean

No:18. Pinto bean

No:19. Adzuki

No:20. Fava bean

No:21. Boston bean

No:22. Chilly bean

No:23. Field pea

No:24. Small white bean

No:25. Alfalfa

No:26. Tamarind

No:27. Lupin

No:28. Clover

No:29. Carob

No:30. Mesquite

List of Seeds

No:1. Sunflower seeds

No:2. Rye

No:3. Sesame seed

No:4. Chia seed

No:5. Bread seed

List of Nuts

No:1. Peanut

No:2. Walnut

No:3. Almond

No:4. Pistachios

No:5. Pine nuts

No:6. Dates

No:7. Chestnuts

No:8. Cashewnuts

No:9. Groundnut

No:10. Hazelnuts

Dairy foods

No:1. Dairy foods are the products that extract from the dairy animals, such as milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, paneer, contains a rich amount of calcium that is good for the fundamental growth of bones.

No:2. Though it is an animal product, it contains animal proteins, fatty acids, carbohydrates, phosphorous.

List of Dairy Foods

No:1. Milk

No:2. Condensed milk

No:3. Curd

No:4. Butter

No:5. Cheese

No:6. Cream

No:7. Paneer

No:8. Yogurt

No:9. Whey

No:10. Ice-cream

No:11. Casein

Meat, Fish, and Eggs

No:1. Meats, fish, eggs, and other animal products contain high amounts of proteins, fats, and iron.

No:2. Meats are animal flesh that is used for eating purposes. 7 Types of Food

No:3. Meats of animals such as chicken, pigs, sheep, goats, and cattle.

No:4. In todays’ generation, humans eat meats of chicken, goat, mutton, and beef and meats of camel, dog, cat, turtle, crocodile, dolphin, ostrich, deer, duck, water buffalo, snake, frog, monkey, etc.

No:5. Also, A human consumes eggs of different species like birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish for the past thousand years.

No:6. Mostly, eggs of chicken, ducks, quail, roe, and caviar are consumed.

List of Meat, Fish and Wggs

No:1. Beef

No:2. Chicken

No:3. Steak

No:4. Kabab

No:5. Goat

No:6. Pig

No:7. Pork

No:8. Lamb

No:9. Turkey

No:10. Duck

No:11. Emu

No:12. Goose

No:13. Bush birds

No:14. Kangaroo

No:15. Fish

No:16. Prawns

No:17. Crab

No:18. Lobster

No:19. Oyster

No:20. Clams

No:21. Chicken eggs

No:22. Duck eggs

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