ABCD Capital Letter

ABCD capital letter

ABCD capital letter

No:1. The capital letters have unique characteristic features in the English Language. ABCD capital letter

No:2. It has its significant signals and various rules in English.

No:3. The use of capital letters while writing something in the English format, we have to understand the rules and importance of the capital letters where we are going to use it.

No:4. The use of capital letters does not come and is controlled by the punctuation aspects, but we have to follow some restrictions while using them along with the capital letters.

Let us have a look at certain rules while writing

No:1. Always begin every new sentence, paragraph, or fragment with a capital letter.

No:2. Use capital letters for proper names of any specific person, character, place, things.

No:3. Begin direct quotations with capital letters.

No:4. The Brand names of the manufacturers are also capitalized.

No:5. The Alphabetical Roman Numerals are also written in capital letters.

No:6. When beginning, the pronoun at the place of a noun in a sentence always starts with a capital letter.

No:7. Use of capital letters when writing the names of weeks, months, language names, and nations.

Capital Letters A to Z

Sr No Capital Letters
1. A
2. B
3. C
4. D
5. E
6. F
7. G
8. H
9. I
10. J
11. K
12. L
13. M
14. N
15. O
16. P
17. Q
18. R
19. S
20. T
21. U
22. V
23. W
24. X
25. Y
26. Z

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