Animal Baby Name List

Animal Baby Name List

No:1. Learn different types of Animal Baby Name in English. Animal Baby Name List

No:2. Here I am provided with a common animal baby/babies name in English.

No:3. 40 list of animals and their babies name in American English.

Animals Baby Name list in English

No:1. Cow – Calf

No:2. Dog – Puppy

No:3. Cat – Kitten

No:4. Sheep – Lamb

No:5. Goat – Kid

No:6. Pig – Piglet

No:7. Ant – Pup

No:8. Rabbit – Bunny

No:9. Horse – Foal

No:10. Chicken – Cheek

No:11. Deer – Fawn

No:12. Duck – Duckling

No:13. Goose – Gosling

No:14. Kangaroo – Joey

No:15. Swan – Cygnet

No:16. Eagle – Eaglet

No:17. Owl – Owlet

No:18. Donkey – Colt

No:19. Frog – Tadpole

No:20. Lion – Lioncub

No:21. Rat – Pup

No:22. Butterfly – Caterpillar

No:23. Panda – Cub

No:24. Ostrich – Cheek

No:25. Turtle – Hatchling

No:26. Turkey – Poult

No:27. Porcupine – Porcupette

No:28. Elephant – Calf

No:29. Peacock – Peachick

No:30. Platypus – Platypup

No:31. Bee – Larva

No:32. Dove – Squab

No:33. Falcon – Eyas

No:34. Monkey – Infant

No:35. Giraffe – Calf

No:36. Zebra – Foal

No:37. Fox – Kit

No:38. Alpaca – Cria

No:39. Possum – Joey

No:40. Hare – Leveret

Male, Female and their Baby Name List

Male Female Baby
Bull Cow Calf
Rooster Hen Chick
Drone Bee Larva
Boar Sow Piglet
Tomcat Queen Kitten
Dog Bitch Pup
Drake Duck Duckling
leopard leopardess Cub
Jack Jill Joey
Deer Doe Fawn
Stallion Mare Foal
Lion Lioness Cub
Ram Ewe Lamb
Buck Doe Calf

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