Colours of the Rainbow

Colours of the Rainbow

Colours of the Rainbow

No:1. An arc or a bow of seven colors is visible in the sky only when the rain comes in sunlight or some other water droplets in the atmosphere. Colours of the Rainbow

No:2. The rainbow’s occurrence happens due to the process of reflection, refraction, and dispersion, which is a meteorological appearance in the sky.

No:3. The rainbows are produced by the sunlight which appears in the sky opposite the sun.

No:4. The rainbow could not be visible at any location to the observer.

No:5. It can be viewed from an angle of somehow 42 degrees from the opposite direction of the light source.

No:6. The color from the droplets allows us to pass any single color light from it, and thus we see color variations.

Seven Colours of the rainbow in order

No:1. Red

No:2. Orange

No:3. Yellow

No:4. Green

No:5. Blue

No:6. Indigo

No:7. Violet

NOTE:- We can easily remember the rainbow colors’ sequence by remembering the word “VIBGYOR” which is in an inverted sequence of colors, or we can remember “Roy. G. Biv”.

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