Different Types of Houses

Different Types of Houses

No:1. A house is nothing but a shelter for a human being. Different Types of Houses

No:2. It is a single-unit residential building.

No:3. Human beings made houses by upgrading an ancient hut by the use of equipment like wood, concrete, steel, iron, etc. based on structure and installed technology, advancements,

No:4. And other facilities such as plumbing, electricity, heating, ventilation, and conditioning systems which is necessary for humans of today’s generation.

No:5. Many of the houses’ names and their categories by structures are familiar.

No:6. They are commonly found in our locality, but some are not familiar but do exist.

No:7. Here, we have made a list of different types of houses and their names by structures, living patterns, respective places, etc.

Different Types of Houses

No:1. House

No:2. Building

No:3. Apartment

No:4. Hut

No:5. Modern house

No:6. Hotel

No:7. Lodge

No:8. Penthouse

No:9. Castle

No:10. Palace

No:11. Townhouse

No:12. Farmhouse

No:13. House-boat

No:14. Vanity Van

No:15. Dormitory

No:16. Treehouse

No:17. Igloo

No:18. Cottage

No:19. Fort

No:20. Underground house

No:21. Tent

No:22. Colonial house

No:23. Log Cabin

No:24. Manor

No:25. Barn

No:26. Barndominium

No:27. Paradise

No:28. Bungalow

No:29. Lighthouse

No:30. French Provincial

No:31. Villa

No:32. Craftsman house

No:33. Mobile house

No:34. Terraced house

No:35. Duplex

No:36. Nursing home

No:37. Carriage/Coach house

No:38. High Rise house

No:39. Detached house

No:40. Semi-detached house

No:41. Camper Van

No:42. Ranch house

No:43. Victorian

No:44. Mansion

No:45. McMansion

No:46. Single-family home

No:47. Co-op

No:48. Condominium

No:49. Chalet

No:50. Roundhouse

No:51. Cave hose

No:52. Coach house

No:53. Cabin

No:54. Yurt

No:55. Container home

No:56. Basement Suite

No:57. Annex

No:58. Multi-Family

No:59. Converted Shipping Container

No:60. Chateau

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