Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices

No:1. Electronic devices and items are rapidly being used and came into practice in the past few years because of the advancements in the field of technology. Electronic Devices

No:2. Also, the use of electronic gadgets lessens the efforts of human beings to do some work and makes addiction to them to use these gadgets for most of the household uses like washing clothes, grinding spices, cleaning houses, etc.

No:3. We have collected the list of the electronic items used by human beings in other daily life works and for other important purposes which helps you to improve the vocabulary of these gadgets and increase your knowledge.

List of the Electronic Items

No:1. Air Conditioner

No:2. Air Purifier

No:3. Bachelor Griller (U.K)

No:4. Backup Charger

No:5. Banknote Counter

No:6. Blender

No:7. Bluetooth Speaker

No:8. Bread Maker

No:9. Calculator

No:10. Car Toy

No:11. Ceiling Fan

No:12. Chandelier

No:13. Clock

No:14. Clothes Dryer

No:15. Coffee Maker

No:16. Computer

No:17. Copier

No:18. Crock-Pot

No:19. Curling Iron

No:20. Digital Camera

No:21. Dishwasher

No:22. Doorbell Camera

No:23. Drill

No:24. Dvd Player

No:25. Earphones

No:26. Electric Fan

No:27. Electric Frying Pan

No:28. Electric Grill

No:29. Electric Guitar

No:30. Electric Kettle

No:31. Electric Pencil Sharpener

No:32. Electric Razor

No:33. Electric Stove

No:34. Evaporative Cooler

No:35. Exhaust Fan

No:36. External Hard Drive

No:37. Facial Cleansing Machine

No:38. Fax

No:39. Fish Tank

No:40. Grandfather Clock

No:41. Hair Dryer

No:42. Hair Straightening Machine

No:43. Hair Trimmer

No:44. Headset

No:45. Inkjet Printer

No:46. iPod

No:47. Iron

No:48. Juicer

No:49. Kettle

No:50. Kitchen Hood

No:51. Kitchen Scale

No:52. Lamp

No:53. Lantern

No:54. Laser Printer

No:55. Lawn Mower

No:56. Lift

No:57. Light Bulb

No:58. Meat Grinder

No:59. Microphone

No:60. Microwave

No:61. Mixer

No:62. Monitor

No:63. Mosquito Racket

No:64. Mouse

No:65. Oven

No:66. Piano

No:67. Plotter

No:68. Pressure Cooker

No:69. Printer

No:70. Projector

No:71. Radiator

No:72. Radio

No:73. Reading Lamp

No:74. Refrigerator

No:75. Remote Control

No:76. Rice Cooker

No:77. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

No:78. Safe

No:79. Sandwich Maker

No:80. Scanner

No:81. Sewing Machine

No:82. Smartphone

No:83. Speaker

No:84. Stove

No:85. Table Fan

No:86. Transistor

No:87. Television

No:88. Timer

No:89. Toaster

No:90. Torch

No:91. USB Drive

No:92. Vacuum Cleaner

No:93. Walkie-Talkie

No:94. Washing Machine

No:95. Watch

No:96. Water Heater

No:97. Water Pumps

No:98. Water Purifier

No:99. Webcam

No:100. Wifi Mod

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