क्या आपको English Speaking से डर लगता है ?

क्या English Speaking आपकी सफलता में बाधा बन रही है ?

What's In the Bundle?

3000 Everyday Sentences

5000 Everyday Vocabulary

Spoken English

1000 Root Words

English Grammar

Interview Blueprint

1000 Antonyms & Synonyms

How to Speak English Fluently Guide

1000 Verb Forms

500 Idioms & Phrases

One Word Substitution

English Vocab with Pictures

This Mega English Speaking Bundle Is For

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"I am Malay and one of the student of English Wale spoken english course. There are many good feartures in the course like the language used in the course is very simple. Live class are very interesting, presize and free from boring gramatical rules more over every live classes are followed by course corriculum. If you have some doubt you can discuss other student’s in the privet whatsapp group create by export teachers. Best part of the course is G.C Das teaching style. ”

Pankaj Kumar (Freelancer)

"I have been learning spoken English from English Wale. In there live class session I have learn so many things. I would thank to Gouranga sir and whole team to help me build my confidence to speak in English. before join this course I could not speak in English in front of anyone better than me now I can in speak"

Priyanka Singh (B.com)

"One of the best online courses I have come across for online learning of English language. It is practical, well structured and well researched about students behaviour. Other than keeping warm relationship of Instructor with students, it also gives enough opportunities to interact with other fellow students. I would definitely recommend English Wale class to those aspirants who are looking for taking a better grip on english speaking skill sitting at home or even office with their own flexible time “

Kailash (B.tech)

Frequently Asked Question

ये Ebooks आपको Soft Copy PDF Form में मिलेगी और ये आपको 4 Hours से पहले आपके Email पे भेज दिया जायेगा।

यह E-Books हर इंसान के लिए है जो English बोलना सीखना चाहता है।(Basic to Intermediate only) Good for Children also.

ये E-Books सिर्फ Hindi To English Language में है।

हाँ, सारे E-Books की Validity Lifetime तक रहेगा।

You'll only regret if you don't grab this offer @₹99.

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