Herbs Name

Herbs Name

Herbs Name

No:1. Herbs are the types of plants that are assigned to the green leafy plant or flowering plant, or rooted plant. Herbs Name

No:2. These plants are present in either fresh or dried situations.

No:3. These plants are used after drying several parts of the herb plants like seeds, bark, roots, leaves, flowers, or fruits.

No:4. The herbs can be used in various methods and applications, which include culinary, medicinal, or religious ways.

No:5. Commonly, herbs are plants with lots of benefits fulfilled, such as pungent and sweet smell characteristics.

No:6. These characteristics are used for extracting and garnishing food, for some medicinal purposes, and also, it can be used for obtaining fragrances. This is used in many religions.

Herbs Name List

No:1. During the religious era, priests and monks cultivate herbs along with vegetables.

No:2. Herbs like Myrrh, frankincense, some herbs from the Anglo-Saxon mythology, Azadirachta Indica leaves, bael (Aegle marmelos), holy basil leaves (tulsi- Ocimum tenuiflorum), turmeric (Curcuma longa).

No:3. These herbs are especially of medicinal uses and spiritual beliefs.

No:4. Herbs are also used in medicinal ways and added with cosmetics.

No:5. The use of herbal cosmetics continued centuries ago.

No:6. The herbal cosmetics are manufactured in solid portions like lipsticks, soaps, etc., or creams that are used to cure many skin problems or even cure internal problems.

List of Herbs Name

No:1. Agrimony

No:2. Aloe vera

No:3. Withania Somnifera

No:4. Beetroot

No:5. Broccoli

No:6. Cardamom

No:7. Chia seeds

No:8. Cinnamon

No:9. Cloves

No:10. Eucalyptus

No:11. Fenugreek

No:12. Garlic

No:13. Glucosamine

No:14. Basil

No:15. Hibiscus

No:16. Lavender

No:17. Lycopene

No:18. Marshmallow

No:19. Moringa Oleifera

No:20. Azadirachta indica

No:21. Nicotine

No:22. Onions

No:23. Peppermint

No:24. Raspberry ketones

No:25. Saffron

No:26. Turmeric

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