Human Body Parts Name in English

Human Body Parts Name in English

No:1. The human body is a structural part of the human being. Human Body Parts Name in English

No:2. It is composed of various types of cells that together form tissue and a group of tissues combine to make an organ and certain organs combine functions to make a system on which a human body performs functions.

No:3. The list of the human body parts varies accordingly by the reference of different systems.

No:4. The study of the different parts of the body or living organisms in science is called anatomy science.

No:5. Around, there are 79 organs in a human body, out of all five parts are crucial parts for the survival of human beings, damage of these organs are termed as a result in termination of life.

No:6. These five parts are the brain, heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys.

No:7. The human structure can also be described as the essential part, covered with hairs, the presence of the mammary glands, and the senses organs are well developed.

No:8. The body consists of many body cavities and separated areas that are placed in the different organ systems.

No:9. The external changes to the body like height, shape, weight and other proportions may vary individually by sex and age.

Human Body Parts Name

No:1. Head

No:2. Forehead

No:3. Hair

No:4. Ear

No:5. Eye

No:6. Nose

No:7. Cheek

No:8. Neck

No:9. Mouth

No:10. Chin

No:11. Shoulder

No:12. Chest

No:13. Umbilicus

No:14. Arm

No:15. Back

No:16. Elbow

No:17. Abdomen

No:18. Hip

No:19. Buttocks

No:20. Hand

No:21. Wrist

No:22. Thumb

No:23. Finger

No:24. Hand

No:25. Knee

No:26. Calf

No:27. Leg

No:28. Foot

No:29. Heel

No:30. Toes

No:31. Penis

No:32. Vagina

No:33. Anus

No:34. Breast

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