Informal Letter Format in English

Informal Letter Format in English

No:1. Informal letter writing is used in the place of personal communication. Informal Letter Format in English

No:2. We all need to write a letter to someone at a certain point in our life.

No:3. Also, we have to understand the meaning and also the importance of letter writing.

No:4. To know the importance of the informal letter and write a correct letter pattern, we have to know about the letter types according to their formats.

No:5. Firstly, we have to start the letter with an opening, usually in “Dear XYZ,” in an informal letter, and an introductory sentence explaining the purpose of writing the letter below the greeting.

No:6. In the body of the letter, you can elaborate on the purpose of writing the letter and provide more details.

Types of Informal Letter writing

No:1. Invitation letter to a ceremony, birthday.

No:2. Calling letter to friend for trip/holiday.

No:3. Asking for the well-being of someone.

No:4. Asking for help from someone through a letter.

No:5. Congratulating letter for someone’s success or achievement

No:6. Marriage invitation letter.

No:7. Apology letter to friend or someone.

No:8. Informative letter about someone’s demise in family or friends.

Format of the Informal Letter

No:1. There is no particular format in the informal letter that we have to write in the formal letters.

No:2. We can write the letter casually with or without applying the format sequence in informal letter writing.

No:3. But if we use the format of informal letters while writing the informal letters, the letter looks good, and it will also have a positive impact on the reader’s mind.

(i). Sender’s Address.

(ii). Date of writing a letter.

(iii). Salutation.

(iv). Introduction.

(v). Main body.

(vi). Closing of the letter.

(vi). Signature of the sender.

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