Kitchen Utensils Name List

Kitchen Utensils Name list

Kitchen Utensils Name list

No:1. The Kitchen Utensils are the essential part of the kitchen to make it fulfill and having these things, and stuff in our kitchen cupboard will make our life easier and comfortable. Kitchen Utensils Name list

No:2. Although, it doesn’t mean that we have to buy every utensil for our kitchen purpose or cook delicious food just because many upgraded

No:3. And new utensils and kitchen sets are out in the market as per the technological advancements.

Kitchen Items, Utensils, Tools, Equipment

No:1. We have essential things to start a kitchen and cook many delicious dishes and ingredients that will help save the money too rather than wasting it unnecessarily.

No:2. As We have covered all the essential kitchen utensils and other useful accessories used for kitchen purposes.

No:3. By this, you will quickly understand and remember the names of the different utensils that you are using daily in your kitchen and help in enhancing your knowledge and vocabulary.

Kitchen Items A to Z

Sr no Kitchen Items Items Image
1. Apple cutter
2. Apron
3. Baking parchment
4. Blender
5. Bottle
6. Bottle opener
7. Bowl
8. Bread knife
9. Cake slicer
10. Can opener
11. Chef’s knife
12. Cleaver
13. Colander/pasta strainer
14. Cookware
15. Corkscrew
16. Cutlery
17. Cutting board
18. Deep fryer
19. Dish rack
20. Dishwasher
21. Egg slicer
22. Food/meat thermometer
23. Fork
24. Frying pan/skillet
25. Funnel
26. Garlic press
27. Gas stove
28. Glass
29. Grater
30. Teapot
31. Jar
32. Juicer
33. Kettle
34. Kitchen foil
35. Kitchen scales
36. Kitchen shears/scissors
37. Knife set
38. Lemon squeezer
39. Matchbox
40. Measuring cups
41. Measuring jug
42. Measuring spoons
43. Microwave oven
44. Mixer
45. Mixing bowl
46. Mug
47. Napkin
48. Oven gloves
49. Ovenproof dish
50. Pan
51. Peppermill
52. Pizza cutter
53. Plastic containers
54. Plate
55. Potato masher
56. Pressure cooker
57. Refrigerator
58. Regular spoon
59. Rolling pin
60. Saucepans
61. Serving bowl
62. Spatula
63. Spice box
64. Steak hammer
65. Stirring spoon
66. Strainer
67. Tea towels
68. Teaspoon
69. Toaster
70. Tongs
71. Tray
72. Vegetable peeler
73. Whisk
74. Wooden spoon

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