List of All Flowers Name

List of All Flowers Name

No:1. We are all familiar with the word “flower.” A flower is a special part of a plant that is also called a reproductive part. List of All Flowers Name

No:2. They have petals, seeds, pollens, angiosperms, and gymnosperms inside them, which are responsible for the reproductions of new plant seeds and the formation of fruits or vegetables.

List of Flowers Name

Sr No. Flowers Images Flowers Name
1. Rose
2. Lily
3. Lotus
4. Sunflower
5. Marigold
6. Hibiscus
7. Jasmine
8. Tulip
9. Daisy
10. Lavender
11. Dahlia
12. Bluebell
13. Water Lily
14. Orchid
15. Iris
16. Calendula
17. Poppy
18. Daffodil
19. Snowdrop
20. Cherry Blossom
21. Geranium
22. Chrysanthemum
23. Pot Marigold
24. Pomegranate Flower
25. Common White Frangipani
26. Butea Monosperma
27. Cockscomb Flower
28. Sandalwood Flower
29. Basil
30. Aloe Vera Flower
31. Orange Blossom
32. Stramonium
33. Star Jasmine
34. Primrose
35. Sweet Jasmine
36. Glory Lily
37. Peacock Flower
38. Pansy
39. Orange Tiger Lily
40. Oleander
41. Narcissus
42. Mussaenda
43. Murraya
44. Magnolia
45. Ladys slipper orchid
46. Lady Finger Flower
47. Canna Flower
48. Delonix Regia
49. Flax
50. Crown flower
51. Crossandra
52. Creeper Flowers
53. Crape Jasmine
54. Bougainvillea
55. Bluestar
56. Blue Morning Glory
57. Blood Lily
58. Black Turmeric
59. Bauhinia
60. Zombi Pea, Butterfly Pea
61. Balsam
62. Ashok Flower
63. Arabian jasmine, Jasminum Sambac
64. Apricot Flower
65. Acacia
66. Cone Flower
67. Crocus
68. Castor Ricinus
69. Aster
70. Achillea Millefolium
71. Apple Flower
72. Bleeding Heart
73. Balloon Flower
74. Dandelion Dewdrop
75. Foxtail Orchid
76. Purple Passion
77. Asiatic Lily
78. Prickly Pear
79. Papaya Flower
80. Calotropis
81. Canna Lily
82. Chamomile Vine
83. Cobra Saffron
84. Common crape Mrytle
85. Common Lantana
86. Cypress Vine, Star Glory
87. Forest Ghost Flower
88. Golden Frangipani
89. Golden Shower Flower
90. Grand Crinum Lily
91. Rosemallows
92. Indigo Flower
93. Mexican Prickly Poppy
94. Monsoon lily
95. Mexican Tuberose
96. Night Blooming Jasmine
97. Periwinkle
98. Scarlet
99. Siroi Lily
100. Tuberose Flower

List of Scientific Name of Flowers

No:1. Rose – Rosa

No:2. Lotus – Nelumbo nucifera

No:3. Lily – Lilium

No:4. Sunflower – Helianthus

No:5. Orchid – Phalaenopsis

No:6. Marigold – Tagetes

No:7. Hibiscus – Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis

No:8. Jasmine – Jasminum

No:9. Daisy Bellis – perennis

No:10. Lavender – Lavandula

No:11. Tulip – Tulipa

No:12. Daffodil – Narcissus

Different Colour Flowers Name

Yellow Flowers Name

No:1. Sunflowers.

No:2. Marigold

No:3. Tulipa

No:4. Daisy

No:5. Daylily

No:6. Coreopsis

No:7. Pansy

No:8. Iris

No:9. Begonia

No:10. Coreopsis

White Flowers Name

No:1. Jasmine

No:2. Waterlily

No:3. Tulip

No:4. Petunias

No:5. Gerbera Daisy

No:6. Hydrangea

No:7. Lily

No:8. Dahlia

No:9. Hibiscus

No:10. Magnolia

Red Flowers Name

No:1. Hibiscus

No:2. Orchid

No:3. Poppy

No:4. Tulips

No:5. Canna

No:6. Calla Lily

No:7. Lycoris

No:8. Coleus

No:9. Verbena

No:10. Daylily

Purple Flowers Name

No:1. Wild Hyacinth

No:2. Anemone

No:3. Balloon Flower

No:4. Dwarf Iris

No:5. Clematis

No:6. China Aster

No:7. Dendrobium Orchid

No:8. Morning Glory

No:9. Honesty

No:10. Gladiolus

Blue Flowers Name

No:1. Iris

No:2. Blue Star

No:3. Perennial Geranium

No:4. Periwinkle

No:5. Bellflower

No:6. Sweet Pea

No:7. Harvestbells

No:8. Morning glory

No:9. Desert Bluebells

No:10. Lobelia

Pink Flowers Name

No:1. Chrysanthemum

No:2. Carnation

No:3. Calla Lily

No:4. Begonias

No:5. Hollyhock

No:6. Hyacinth

No:7. Hydrangea

No:8. Snapdragon

No:9. Petunia

No:10. Peony

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