List of All Spices Name

List of all Spices Name

List of all Spices Name

No:1. Spice is a word that refers to any dried part of a plant, other than the leaves used as a flavoring content in making food, recipes, for taste purpose but not the main ingredient. List of all Spices Name

No:2. It may be a seed, fruit, bark, salt, steak, root, or another part of a plant used as a flavoring and coloring food.

No:3. Spices are classified from herbs, like leaves, fruits, stems, flowers.

No:4. It is often used like medicines, religious rituals, etc.

No:5. Spices are known for their different flavor profile, taste, odor, and qualities.

Spices Names with Pictures

Sr No. Spices Images Spices Name
1. Turmeric
2. Saffron
3. Garlic
4. Cinnamon stick
5. Tamarind
6. Cardamom
7. Peppercorns
8. Malabar leaf/bay leaf
9. Coriander
10. Ginger
11. Nutmeg
12. Fenugreek
13. Clove
14. Poppyseed
15. Caraway
16. Mustard seed
17. Mentha piperita
18. Curry tree
19. Cumin seed
20. Asafoetida
21. Fennel
22. Carom seed
23. Black Cardamom
24. Black Pepper
25. coriander powder
26. cubeb pepper
27. dry coconut
28. dry gooseberry
29. Fennel seeds
30. Fenugreek seeds
31. Licorice
32. Nigella seeds
33. Oregano
34. Pine nuts
35. Red chili
36. Red chili powder
37. Sichuan peppercorn
38. Star Anise
39. Turmeric powder
40. White Pepper

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