List of a Bird Name in English

List of a Bird Name in English

No:1. Birds are the living being that comes from the Aves species. These are warm-blooded vertebrates discriminated by the feathers, in spite of having teeth; they have beaked jaws. These are the species that lay eggs. List of a Bird Name in English

No:2. The skeleton of birds is lightweight with maximum buoyancy that helps to reduce their weight and ease to fly high in the sky.

No:3. These can easily be available all over the world and can be of various sizes too, from big or small.

No:4. The development of the wings and their growth strategy varies with the species they have.

No:5. The only known birds that do not have wings are the obsolete man and the elephant birds.


No:1. The wings of birds are evolved from their forelimbs and the ability to fly.

No:2. Some birds are not able to fly due to their genetics and also the way of lifestyle.

No:3. The seabirds have long beaks and large wings that help to fly and cover the longer distance without fatigue, and the water birds, like Penguins, live in aquatic regions; they have the capacity and ability to swim and survive in that region.

No:4. Like human beings, birds have the five important senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

List of Birds Name in English

Sr No. Birds Image Birds Name
1. Pigeon
2. Peacock
3. Parrot
4. Sparrow
5. Woodpecker
6. Owl
7. Kingfisher
8. Crow
9. Kite
10. Eagle
11. Swan
12. Bat
13. Ostrich
14. Dove
15. Crane
16. Duck
17. Robin
18. Penguin
19. Hummingbird
20. Turkey
21. Flamingo
22. Gull
23. Rooster
24. Vulture
25. Hornbill
26. Nightingale
27. Mynah
28. Hen
29. Egyptian Vulture
30. Duckling
31. Cuckoo
32. Chick
33. Quail
34. Pewit
35. Wagtail
36. Weaver
37. Tailorbird
38. Swallow
39. Peregrine Falcon
40. Pelican
41. Stork
42. Skylark
43. Seagull
44. Sandpipe
45. Raven
46. Partridge
47. Osprey
48. Male Falcon
49. Kiwi
50. Lark
51. Heron
52. Hoopoe
53. Hawk-Cuckoo, Brain fever
54. Great Egret
55. Goose
56. Falcon
57. Eurasian Hobby
58. Eider
59. Drake
60. Blue jay
61. Cormorants
62. Cockatoo
63. Chukar
64. Cock
65. Bluebird
66. Alexandrine Parakeet -min
67. Avocet
68. Cygnet
69. Gander
70. Grebe

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