List of Domestic Animals Name

List of Domestic Animals Name

List of Domestic Animals Name

No:1. Animals are the creatures belonging to the kingdom Animalia. List of Domestic Animals Name

No:2. They are living multicellular organisms having different shapes, sizes, and unique lifestyles.

No:3. Animals that are fed on the organic matter may be herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores, depending on their habitat.

No:4. They have their specific sense organs and receptors, nervous systems similar to human beings.

Farm or Domestic Animals Name

No:1. The Farm animals are being used for farming purposes.

No:2. It was also domesticated for commercial uses and benefits are called farm animals or domestic animals.

No:3. These animals are used for animal breeding, use as food or fiber, or enhancing animal nutrition.

Here is the List

No:1. Cow

No:2. Sheep

No:3. Goat

No:4. Pig

No:5. Rabbit

No:6. Duck

No:7. Turkey

No:8. Fish

No:9. Horse

No:10. Chicken

No:11. Bee

No:12. Rooster

No:13. Donkey

No:14. Camel

No:15. Buffalo

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