List of Forest Animals Name

List of Forest Animals Name

No:1. Forest animals are very important to our lives and the earth. List of Forest Animals Name

No:2. You can find many types of animals in the forest.

No:3. Some animals live in trees and some animals live in the ground.

No:4. Generally, forest wild animals eat grass, leaves, fruits and some animals eat the meat of other animals.

Types of Forest Animals

No:1. Mammals: Lion, Hyna, Elephant

No:2. Birds: Crow, Eagle, Parrot

No:3. Reptiles: Lizard, Snake, Crocodile

No:4. Amphibians: Frog, Salamander

No:5. Invertebrates: crabs, spiders, earthworms

No:6. Fish: Blue, Moby, Bubba.

List of Forest Animals

No:1. African elephant

No:2. Alligator

No:3. Antelope

No:4. Arctic wolf

No:5. Badger

No:6. Bald eagle

No:7. Bat

No:8. Bear

No:9. Bengal tiger

No:10. Blue whale

No:11. Camel

No:12. Chimpanzee

No:13. Coyote

No:14. Crab

No:15. Crocodile

No:16. Deer

No:17. Elephant

No:18. Elk

No:19. Fox

No:20. Frog

No:21. Giraffe

No:22. Gorilla

No:23. Great horned owl

No:24. Hare

No:25. Hedgehog

No:26. Hippopotamus

No:27. Hornbill

No:28. Howler monkey

No:29. Hyena

No:30. Jackal

No:31. Kangaroo

No:32. Koala

No:33. Leopard

No:34. Lion

No:35. Lizard

No:36. Lynxes

No:37. Marten

No:38. Mole

No:39. Monkey

No:40. Okapi

No:41. Orangutan

No:42. Otter

No:43. Owl

No:44. Panda

No:45. Puma

No:46. Rabbit

No:47. Raccoon

No:48. Rat

No:49. Red dear

No:50. Red squirrel

No:51. Reindeer

No:52. Rhinoceros

No:53. Snake

No:54. Squirrel

No:55. Squirrel monkey

No:56. Tiger

No:57. Toad

No:58. Walrus

No:59. Wild boar

No:60. Wolf

No:61. Woodpecker

No:62. Zebra

List of Forest Animals in Sentences

No:1. Crocodiles:

There were many crocodiles in a big river.

No:2. Bats:

As night falls, bats start flying in the sky.

No:3. Bear:

A massive bear was coming towards our house.

No:4. Blue Whale:

How beautiful is a giant blue whale?

No:5. Crab:

A tiny crab was biting my hand.

No:6. Fox:

The fox hunted the rabbit with his cleverness.

No:7. Gorilla:

How dreadful does a black gorilla look like?

No:8. Hippopotamus:

When a hippopotamus gets angry, he doesn’t.listen to anyone else.

No:9. Kangaroo:

Kangaroo holds its baby in its belly bag.

No:10. Leopard:

Leopard is the fastest running animal in the world.

No:11. Monkey:

Many monkeys were jumping in the forest.

No:12. Rabbit:

How attractive was a white-colored rabbit?

No:13. Snake:

A giant snake was sitting on the coil.

No:14. Tiger:

Tiger is running after deer.

No:15. Woodpecker:

The woodpecker was building a nest in the tree for its young.

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