List of Pulses Name

List of Pulses Name

List of Pulses Name

No:1. Pulses are the seeded legumes consumed after dried, including legumes, lentils, peas, dals, peas, etc. List of Pulses Name

No:2. The pulses are available in various colors, shapes, sizes, and tastes, full of proteins and fibers that are very effective and nutritious for human health.

No:3. Pulses can be used to make various cuisines and delicious and nutritious dishes that doctors and dieticians are prescribing for every human being who is very conscious about their health.

No:4. A list of pulses is given below, and their description and benefits are also given below.

Pulses Name

No:1. Bengal Gram

No:2. Black Gram

No:3. Chickpea Bean

No:4. Garbanzo Bean

No:5. Cowpea Bean

No:6. Field Beans

No:7. Horse Gram

No:8. Green Gram

No:9. Moth Bean

No:10. Green Peas

No:11. Black Peas

No:12. Red Gram

No:13. Red Kidney Bean

No:14. Soybean

No:15. Red Lentil

No:16. Dry Bean

No:17. Faba Bean

No:18. Bambara Bean

No:19. Pigeon Peas

No:20. Lupin

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