List of Reptiles Animals Name

List of Reptiles Animals Name

List of Reptiles Animals Name

No:1. The reptiles are cold-blooded, air-breathing vertebrates that have scaly bodies, there are no hairs grown on their outer scaly skin. List of Reptiles Animals Name

No:2. Most of the reptiles lay eggs and come under the class Reptilia.

No:3. They have a specialty in the internal fertilization process and amniotic development.

No:4. They use their lungs to breathe up and mostly live on land.

No:5. Some of the reptiles are found in water, but they have to come on the land to lay their eggs and mate with their partners.

No:6. They are carnivorous animals, and many reptiles are also considered in the list of dangerous predators.

No:7. They include lizards, snakes, tortoises, crocodiles, alligators, worms, etc.

List of Reptiles name

No:1. Alligator

No:2. Anaconda

No:3. Angonoka

No:4. Anole

No:5. Asp

No:6. Australian Gecko

No:7. Basilisk

No:8. Black Mamba

No:9. Black Racer

No:10. Boa

No:11. Boomslang

No:12. Brookesia Micra

No:13. Burmese Python

No:14. Caiman

No:15. Carapace

No:16. Chameleon

No:17. Chinese Alligator

No:18. Cobra

No:19. Constrictor

No:20. Copperhead

No:21. Cottonmouth

No:22. Crocodile

No:23. Dragon

No:24. Egyptian Cobra

No:25. Gecko

No:26. Gharial

No:27. Gila Monster

No:28. Hellbender

No:29. Iguana

No:30. Indian Cobra

No:31. King Cobra

No:32. Lizard

No:33. Mamba

No:34. Massasauga

No:35. Mocassin

No:36. Puff Adder

No:37. Python

No:38. Queen Snake

No:39. Rattlesnake

No:40. Shink

No:41. Slow Worm

No:42. Snake

No:43. Taipan

No:44. Thorny Devil

No:45. Timber Rattler

No:46. Tortoise

No:47. Turtle

No:48. Viper

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