List of Water animal names

List of Water Animal Names

List of Water, Ocean & Sea Animal Names

No:1. These animals are such animals that live in the saltwater of the sea or ocean. List of Water Animal Names

No:2. These mammals are aquatic mammals that are based on the ocean and other marine ecosystems for their habitat.

No:3. They include animals like seals, whales, sharks, dolphins, octopuses.

No:4. Sea animals may breathe air or extract oxygen that dissolves in water through gills which is a part of their respiratory system functions.

No:5. Sea animals are also grown under freshwater such as a lake, river, pond, etc. there are a lot of seas or aquatic animals who live under the water, not only fishes.

No:6. But also many of the creatures are unknown to us, but their habitat exists.

List of Water Animals Name

Sr No. Water Animals Image Water Animals Name
1. Shark
2. Crab
3. Octopus
4. Penguin
5. Platypus
6. Goldfish
7. Sea horse
8. Dolphin
9. Blue whale
10. Prawns
11. Jellyfish


13. Piranha
14. Seal
15. Catfish
16. Salmon
17. Eels
18. Tuna
19. Walrus
20. Sealion

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