Masculine and Feminine Gender of Animals List

Masculine and Feminine Gender of Animals List

No:1. Animals are often thought of as being genderless, but they actually do have a gender. Masculine and Feminine Gender of Animals List

No:2. The difference between the two is that animals of the same species can be either male or female.

No:3. In the animal world, males and females play different roles.

No:4. are generally larger and more robust than females.

No:5. They also defend their territory and mate with many females in order to produce offspring.

No:6. Females are typically smaller than males, and they take care of the young by feeding them milk, carrying them around, grooming them, and defending their territory from other males.

Masculine and Feminine Gender of Animals List

Sr No Animals List Masculine Feminine
1 Dog Dog, Stud Bitch, Dam
2 Cat Tom, Gib Molly, Queen
3 Bee Drone Queen
4 Chicken Rooster Hen
5 Dove Cock Hen
6 Duck Drake Duck, Hen
7 Lion Lion Lioness
8 Panda Boar Sow
9 Peacock Peacock Peahen
10 Rat Buck Doe
11 Grasshopper Male Female
12 Swan Cob Pen
13 Alligator Bull Cow
14 Hornet Drone Queen
15 Whale Bull Cow
16 Crow Cock Hen
17 Polar Bear Boar Sow
18 Badger Boar Sow
19 Leopard Leopard Leopardess
20 Zebra Stallion Mare
21 Giraffe Bull Cow
22 Snake Male Female
23 Hamster Buck Doe
24 Turtle Male Female
25 Bear Boar Sow
26 Llama Macho Hembra
27 Bison Bull Cow
28 Monkey Male Female
29 Cheetah Male Female
30 Ostrich Cock Hen
31 Gerbil Buck Doe
32 Snail Hermaphrodite Hermaphrodite
33 Dolphin Bull Cow
34 Porpoise Bull Cow
35 Bird Cock Hen
36 Mink Boar Sow
37 Fish Male Female
38 Rhinoceros Bull Cow
39 Guinea Pig Buck Doe
40 Tiger Tiger Tigress
41 Finch Cock Hen
42 Rook Cock Hen
43 Crane Cock Hen
44 Penguin Male Female
45 Hawk Tiercel Hen, Haggard
46 Viper Male Female
47 Eagle Male Female
48 Rabbit Buck, Jack Doe, Jill
49 Hare Buck, Jack Doe
50 Turkey Turkey-Cock Turkey-Hen
51 Bat Male Female
52 Goose
53 Sparrow Cock Hen
54 Deer Buck, Stag, Hart Doe, Hind, Cow
55 Porcupine Boar Sow
56 Hippopotamus Bull Cow
57 Wallaby Jack Jill
58 Elephant Bull Cow
59 Raccoon Boar Sow
60 Gaur Bull Cow
61 Sheep Ram Ewe
62 Armadillo Boar Sow
63 Koala Male Female
64 Yak Bull Cow
65 Ferret Hob Jill, Gill
66 Reindeer Buck Doe
67 Falcon Tiercel Falcon
68 Raven Cock Hen
69 Cattle Bull Cow
70 Nightingale Cock Hen
71 Frog Male Female
72 Shark Bull Female
73 Crocodile Bull Cow
74 Pigeon Cock Hen
75 Ant Winged Males Queens, Workers
76 Hyena Dog Bitch
77 Wombat Jack Jill
78 Donkey Jack, Jackass Jennet, Jenny
79 Possum Jack Jill
80 Buffalo Bull Cow
81 Moose Bull Cow
82 Beaver Male Female
83 Magpie Cock Hen
84 Beetle Male Female
85 Mallard Drake Hen
86 Ape Male Female
87 Kangaroo Buck, Jac Jill, Flyer
88 Woodpecker Cock Hen
89 Goat Billy, Buck Nanny
90 Spider Male Female
91 Fox Dog, Todd, Reynard Vixen
92 Seal Bull Cow
93 Fly Male Female
94 Sea Lion Bull Cow
95 Chimpanzee Blackback Empress
96 Otter


97 Cockroach Male Female
98 Owl Male Female
99 Gorilla Male Female
100 Squirrel Buck Doe
101 Bullock Heifer Cow
102 Mouse Buck Doe
103 Crab Jimmy, Cock Hen
104 Pig Boar Sow
105 Coyote Dog Bitch
106 Parrot Cock Hen
107 Bittern Cock Hen
108 Mole Boar Sow
109 Camel Bull Cow
110 Mule John Molly
111 Grouse Cock, Gorcock Hen, Gorhen
112 Termite Male Female
113 Aardvark Boar Sow
114 Horse Stallion Mare
115 Wolf Dog Bitch


Male Female Animals Name

Sr No Animals Name Male Female
1 Dolphin Bull Cow
2 Gaur Bull Cow
3 Raven Cock Hen
4 Panda Boar Sow
5 Moose Bull Cow
6 Finch Cock Hen
7 Gorilla Male Female
8 Cheetah Male Female
9 Lion Lion Lioness
10 Mink Boar Sow
11 Crane Cock Hen
12 Polar Bear Boar Sow
13 Elephant Bull Cow
14 Sheep Ram Ewe
15 Chimpanzee Blackback Empress
16 Kangaroo Buck, Jac Jill, Flyer
17 Hyena
18 Termite Male Female
19 Hawk Tiercel Hen, Haggard
20 Falcon Tiercel Falcon
21 Beetle Male Female
22 Badger Boar Sow
23 Wolf Dog Bitch
24 Penguin Male Female
25 Porcupine Boar Sow
26 Leopard Leopard Leopardess
27 Alligator Bull Cow
28 Turtle Male Female
29 Dog Dog, Stud Bitch, Dam
30 Otter Boar Sow
31 Bullock Heifer Cow
32 Mouse Buck Doe
33 Bird Cock Hen
34 Hornet Drone Queen
35 Reindeer Buck Doe
36 Ostrich Cock Hen
37 Nightingale Cock Hen
38 Llama
39 Chicken Rooster Hen
40 Ape Male Female
41 Wallaby Jack Jill
42 Bat Male Female
43 Wombat Jack Jill
44 Hippopotamus Bull Cow
45 Aardvark Boar Sow
46 Turkey Turkey-Cock Turkey-Hen
47 Bear Boar Sow
48 Woodpecker Cock Hen
49 Gerbil Buck Doe
50 Porpoise Bull Cow
51 Coyote Dog Bitch
52 Crocodile Bull Cow
53 Rat
54 Cockroach Male Female
55 Spider Male Female
56 Tiger Tiger Tigress
57 Cat Tom, Gib Molly, Queen
58 Guinea Pig Buck Doe
59 Beaver Male Female
60 Yak Bull Cow
61 Horse Stallion Mare
62 Armadillo
63 Whale Bull Cow
64 Koala Male Female
65 Snail Hermaphrodite Hermaphrodite

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