Tools Name List

Tools Name List

No:1. Tools are the basic things for doing mechanical or other machinery works where it is subcategorized into, Power tools and Hand tools, respectively. Tools Name List

No:2. Power tools are operated or function with machines by a power source like electricity, battery, or gas (Hydraulic) where human effort is not required.

No:3. Hand tools require a workforce to perform functions, and it is purely operated by mechanical efforts rather than other power sources.

Types of Tools

No:1. Here is the list of tools that can be used in day-to-day life to perform any functions.

No:2. It includes all the basic tools as well as advanced tools and their information.

List of Tools

Sr No. Tools Image Tools Name
1. Hammer
2. Screwdriver
3. Scissor
4. Pliers
5. Spanner
6. Tester
7. Axe
8. Hack saw
9. Saw
10. Tape measure
11. Nail
12. Claw hammer
13. Electric Drill
14. Allen key
15. PVC Insulation tape
16. Chisel
17. Soldering iron
18. Wrench
19. Nut
20. Bolt
21. Screw
22. Corkscrew
23. Spade
24. Shovel
25. Scraper
26. Toolbox
27. Anvil
28. Mallet
29. Circular saw
30. Bradawl
31. Clamp
32. Teflon tape
33. Belt
34. Vice
35. Stepladder
36. Edge tool
37. File
38. Flange
39. Fork
40. Jumper
41. Centre punch
42. Sander
43. Hatchet
44. Pocket knife
45. Brace
46. Spirit level
47. Plunger
48. Lug nuts

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