Five Fingers Name in English

Five Fingers Name in English

Five Fingers Name in English

No:1. In human beings, each finger has its unique name depending on its function and history, like how they have been nomenclate. Five Fingers Name in English

No:2. Let us have a look at these names of the fingers and their importance in different rituals and languages.

Five Fingers Name

No:1. Thumb

No:2. Index Finger / Pointer Finger

No:3. Middle Finger

No:4. Ring Finger

No:5. Little Finger / Pinky Finger

1). Thumb

No:1. The thumb is the thickest finger among all other fingers in a hand.

No:2. It comes from the old English word ‘tûmon,’ which means thick.

No:3. This finger plays a vital role in our hand that is use to grab/ lift any object.

No:4. This finger is proportionally connect with our lungs, and by massaging on it smoothly, we can easily control our breathing or normalize our heartbeats.

No:5. It is saying that it is connect with the element of fire, and it reflects our personality.

2). Index Finger / Pointer Finger

No:1. The Index finger (which is also called with other names like forefinger, first-finger, pointer finger, trigger finger, etc.) is the second finger in a hand.

No:2. After the thumb, this finger is the first finger of a hand.

No:3. The word ‘Index’ means ‘Point,’ usually, we use this finger to point on something.

No:4. This finger is situated between the thumb and the middle finger.

No:5. This finger is use most with the thumb while doing any kind of work like writing, grabbing, etc.

No:6. It contains the air element of our body.

3). Middle Finger

No:1. The middle finger is called the ‘middle’ because it is present in between the ring finger and the index finger.

No:2. It is also used to humiliate or irritate someone.

No:3. This finger contains the element of the sky, and massage helps improve the blood circulation system and relieve dizziness.

4). Ring Finger

No:1. The fourth finger in a hand is  the ‘ring finger’ and is situate next to the middle finger and before the little finger.

No:2. It is called the ring finger because the ring is worn on this finger after the marriage or normally.

5). Little Finger / Pinky Finger

No:1. The last finger in a hand is the little finger, baby finger, junior finger, or pinky finger, as it is the smallest finger among other fingers.

No:2. It doesn’t mean with the color pink and this finger.

No:3. This finger belongs to the water element.

No:4. It relates to the kidney and the head of the body.

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